The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper
A Novel by Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, May 21, 2010

On Pornography

Here is what the bible and I say regarding this;

Proverbs 21:25 "The desire of the slothful killeth him"

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The Mom (or Dad) That Wasn’t 07 07 2010

A Specific Behavior Observed In More Than One Evil Mother or Woman

I have often seen a mother bickering at her child and then looking at me as if I am guilty of something too. What was I guilty of? Relaxing in a beach chair? I am not able to have one second in my life to do this? Let me be very clear about this I was not put on this earth to raise the children of others or do you’re thinking for you.

A mother was bickering at her children the other day and then took a squared off stance at me, she protruded her jaw out and gave me a blank expression contempt.

I have come to realize that the goal of your behavior is to create an ill or adulteress desire for the mother. This behavior is indeed her attempt to fulfill delusions about herself worth and justify the decision she made in life about who she did marry. Honey, leave me out of your life, I know this is how you try and steal real MEN’S souls, and I want no part of it.

And to be very fair I have seen a similar type of irresponsible parenting behavior acted out by not only Jews, but Hispanics, Blacks, Lutherans, Catholics, etc.

Raising your children is your responsibility. If they are influenced in any way by me it is because of your demonstration that they should be. I do not seek the influence of your implied accusation. And you will not intone guilt to me lackey.

Men also do this form of Witchcraft, arrogant feats or acts of false strength, designed to interest you in their women. Are their women so unhappy with who they married they need to encroach on the soul of real MEN. Are the men they married so incapable of supporting them that they are forced to participate in this evil game? Are the men the married incapable of supporting them with the kind of love they need? Can they not find a way to love each other in our present culture? A culture often of false idealisms that has supported them financially in life? Are they the true testament to the failure of the culture that they create and supports them? Are they a contradiction being so disparate that they have indeed lost their soul? I need all my soul for myself. Exceptions are made to family and friends, and those who forgo soul stealing and instead choose to gain knowledge of my soul through my written teachings.

I was told older women like to flirt with younger men once. The outcome to young men that are drawn to desire the women that flirt and then make themselves unattainable is quite destructive. When men of all ages falsely idolize evil women such as this, they often lose their soul. Where does that soul end up, in the craniums of the evil women, their husbands and children? Quantum physics teaches us that the observer and observed are truly one. Well there is a separation. But what they do seek is to capture the energy of imagination, knowledge and future of the one they desire. By making one that is more feel lesser they seek him to part with part of himself. Before victims know they have lost most of their soul as the discarded energy body is devoured and mined for what it is worth by their sprying eyes, it is too late. Like a Nuclear meltdown, the disaster extends beyond what anyone would think possible, and there is a meltdown as the drawdown and read extends to the man and drains his life force. A mans semen and a women’s eggs are indeed alive. If they are alive do they have a soul? We can certainly say that when they combine they do. As to whether they do individually or not, I speculate individually they do possess an energy body capable of traveling and is goal orientated in terms of direction. Are they human? They are certainly to two distinct parts needed to make a new human. Each does come from a human a piece of them. Is the discarded energy body them disembodied to follow the direction you “desired”. Can the wandering discarded energy body of these trump and imprint an energy body of a separate paired conception. Is this imprinting or trumping of soul on conception what is meant by Immaculate Conception? This is the power of God. This seems to be what is indeed desired. I do not consider myself a god, but Jesus said to the people, “Know ye not that ye are Gods.” And the phrasing of that does seem a little duplicitous even though Jesus frowned on duplicity. In other words he said and this is a preacher’s translation, “Don’t you know that you are Gods?” Meaning Jesus said we were all Gods. A doctor once told me in 1992, as I was undergoing a magnetic resonance image scan of my brain that the day might come when they can take a drop of blood and tell you’re your whole life’s story. Your life’s story would more likely be present in your seeds of creation than a drop of blood. And they fight tooth and nail to tear it away from you and keep it for themselves and their families forever. I have even come to see or believe that it even rejuvenates the lives of those less fortunate in terms of mental abilities. Ideas and constructs from his soul are then sold for money and it affords the slothful more sloth. What it replaces I am not sure of, maybe it just fills a void. A void that should have been developed into a responsible individual of character and integrity through traditional parenting of mother and fatherhood. Why one of them does not marry the man they so fixate on, is an issue of demand greater than supply. Maybe it is insecurity, in a manner that they feel if the man they so desired really knew who and what they were he would not truly love them. This is turns means that they do not really love themselves for what they have become in life, void of soul.

This is what the bible means when is says, “What does the desire for the slothful do to a man, it killeth him.”

It is a strong accusation to prove the existence of Satan. But the Bible already tells us he/she exists. And the bible also makes reference to what I am speaking of here, in terms of Lots seed being wasted on the ground. And the devil being said to be able to read MENS minds. Today there are technologies used to prevent a person from regaining their soul, technologies used to harass the individual below the threshold of detection of those around him. There is modern witchcraft today and it is of a great detriment to our society. The United States Defense Department has developed them as have Russian, Japan, etc. They often are of the same ilk and technology as what is termed “Crowd Dispersion”. They are being used by the crowds instead.

What can we do about this? Not much, but have faith. Since the Bible has proved to me to be right about the things I have mentioned already, have faith when you read in it “Those who suffer are truly blessed.” Is your soul being imprinted on others what causes the pain and suffering? Is your displaced energy body healing the sick or those that were irresponsible at great pains to you? Is it able to do this and are you able to survive because you are of stronger mind? Where did all these detached Wizards apprentices come from anyway? Well it is not as if you were trying to clone yourself is it!

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thomas Paul Murphy